When Does 72 Hour Clock Start? – Humboldt County


EFFECTIVE: July 08, 2022-

Humboldt County BH will reassess every 72 hours from the time the 5150 was written. Humboldt County BH will write sequential holds on individuals who are still meeting criteria for an involuntary hold who are awaiting bed placement at an acute psychiatric hospital or Psychiatric Health Facility. 

Patients must be assessed and a new 5150 hold written at the end of 72 hours if the patient has not yet been admitted or the hold rescinded.

This assessment may be conducted via teleconference.

This is to help facilitate transfers to out-of-county facilities, ensure that the patient is receiving ongoing assessments pending arrival at a designated facility, and provide the receiving facility with an up-to-date 5150 hold. 

EFFECTIVE: Feb 01, 2020 Resolution 19-122 Authorizing the Application of California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5151 within the County of Humboldt. (Approved: December 16, 2019)