Del Norte County

Del Norte


It is the policy and procedure of Del Norte Department of Health & Human Services: Behavioral Health Branch that all clinical staff be trained in crisis response before being allowed to participate as a member of the crisis response team.

The staff must possess an understanding of the following, prior to being allowed to assess individuals:

  • Mandated Reporting-Child Abuse, Adult Abuse, Tarasoff
  • Welfare and Institutions 5150 Code—Definitions
  • Assessing for Gravely Disabled
  • Assessing for Danger to Others
  • Assessing for Danger to Self
  • Complicating Issues-Alcohol/Drug Intoxication, Dementia, Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Emergency Room Medical Clearance and Sutter Coast Hospital Emergency Room policy and procedures for 5150 evaluations
  • Diagnoses and Documentation
  • Legal Ramifications of Placing Someone on a 5150

The Behavioral Health Branch Director and/or Assistant Director allow the Program Manager to approve authorizations to complete 5150 evaluations upon the employee’s completion of:

  • 30 days of crisis shadowing
  • Exhibit comprehension of crisis policies and procedures and paperwork
  • All staff are required to have a supervisor, “who is a mental health therapist”, and permission prior to finalizing disposition of a 5150 evaluation