Transfers Across County/State Lines – Del Norte County

Del Norte

There is nothing in the state statues that says someone cannot be transferred across the border on a legal hold.  However, each State has differing statutes for involuntary hold laws within their State. All transports out-of-state or out-of-county must abide by and comply with the receiving State or County standard.

 Transfers back to county of origin:

Del Norte Behavioral Branch utilizes:

  • Individual Taxi company contractor (unpredictability of availability)
  • SVT (Secure Vehicle Transport) group & American Star (no opposite sex in same transport vehicle)
  • Greyhound (must be able to tolerate multiple stops)
  • Del Norte Behavioral Health Branch car and staff when available.
  • NOTE: Partnership has a free service in which they contract with a company called MTM for transporting clients to medical appointments.  This company is a Brokerage service for Uber.  Del Norte Behavioral Health has had clients come back via MTM a couple of times. However, it takes time to line this up and often psychiatric hospitals will call to coordinate transport for a next day discharge, which is insufficient for this service.  (One DNBH client reported a negative experience with an Uber driver and since then Del Norte Behavioral Health has been hesitant to utilize the service.)