Medical Clearance – Humboldt County


Health and Safety Code 1317.1(2)(A):“Emergency services and care” also means an additional screening, examination, and evaluation by a physician, or other personnel to the extent permitted by applicable law and within the scope of their licensure and clinical privileges, to determine if a psychiatric emergency medical condition exists, and the care and treatment necessary to relieve or eliminate the psychiatric emergency medical condition, within the capability of the facility.

Humboldt County DHHS Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) and Sempervirens (SV) are not licensed to treat —-so DOES NOT provide treatment for:

  • Alcohol withdrawal or other drug/substances or Withdrawal symptoms (Title 22, Division 5, Chapter 9, Article 4 section 77113).
  • Primary eating disorders(CA Health & Safety Code Section 1254.5(b)).
  • Specialized nursing care: IV therapy, unconscious, unresponsive or bedridden patients, oxygen therapy, dialysis, bladder catheterization, tracheostomy care, post fracture, post trauma, EKG monitoring or other external equipment, frail elderly, and/or patients with bleeding from trauma, acute unexplained pain, pale, sweaty, dizzy, &/or showing signs of shock.

Not licensed to treat individuals with ORGANIC DISORDERS. These are neurological diseases, not psychiatric illness. Thus, these individuals do not qualify for a 5150 hold. Any Individual > 65 years old with an abrupt change in behavior or cognition requires medical and organic causes ruled out.  

  • Dementia or other cognitive disorders= Not licensed to treat, unless there is a primary diagnosis of major mental illness unrelated to the dementia. Otherwise= refer to Adult Protective Services (WIC 15700-15705)
  • Delirium is an acute medical condition and will NOT be treated at Humboldt County Behavioral Health= Appropriate medical treatment must be sought immediately!
  • Intellectual or other cognitive disabilities: Not licensed to treat, unless there is a primary diagnosis of major mental illness and active psychiatric symptoms/illness. Otherwise = refer these individuals to the specialized services of:  Redwood Coast Regional Center 525 2nd St. Eureka, CA (707) 445-0893 – and/or –Pathways 24hr Crisis Response Service 1465 G Street, Arcata, CA (707) 826-1886

Emergency Room physicians need to file an Adult Protective Services report for individuals with dementia, intellectual or other cognitive disabilities who are in need of placement. WIC 15700-15705