Who Can Lift a (5150) Hold –
Del Norte County

Del Norte Only Del Norte County Behavioral Health Branch designated 5150 staff can rescind a 5150 hold upon evaluation.

If Del Norte Behavioral Health Branch determines the person does not meet 5150 criteria; they are referred to an appropriate level of service (primary care, private therapist/psychiatrist, etc.) and the appropriate level of the following out-patient services: Therapy, counseling, medication support, group therapy and case management.

For those individuals where a Safety Plan cannot be created the hold remains in effect, in order to ensure proper treatment.

Behavioral Health staff reassess for 5150 criteria at minimum every 24 hours while awaiting a bed placement in a designated Psychiatric Health Facility, designated Acute Psychiatric Hospital, or inpatient psychiatric unit in a General Acute Care Hospital.

Law enforcement is notified if the individual is released from the 5150 hold on a case-by-case basis.