Due to the importance of COVID-19 precautions, North Coast EMS in-office hours will be limited to Monday- Friday 10am – 3pm. We are generally available via email, or you can leave a voicemail by calling (707) 445-2081.
Please direct all COVID-19 related requests to Executive Director, Larry Karsteadt, and/or Associate Director, Wendy Chapman via email: covid-19@northcoastems.com
General Questions/EMT/Paramedic Certification Questions: nicole@northcoastems.com or wendy@northcoastems.com
(707) 445-2081 office
Wendy Chapman, Associate Director: ext 2
Larry Karsteadt, Executive Director: ext 1
(707) 445-0443 fax 
IMPORTANT: Before coming into the office, please take personal precautions to minimize potential transmission of this virus and other potentially harmful microorganisms by washing (for 20 seconds) or sanitizing your hands. When possible, please maintain six (6) feet of distance between yourself and office staff and be careful to minimize possible transmission in the process of exchanging documents, money, etc. Office personnel reserve the right to employ personal protective measures and/or social distancing. We appreciate your adherence to this request!