K. When is Sempervirens Full?


Sempervirens (SV) is “FULL”, at capacity and capability, when there are 14* patients between Sempervirens and the Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)  (factors include: staffing, beds, and ability to care for individual).

When this occurs, Humboldt County Behavioral Health MUST temporarily stop taking individuals from the Emergency Department.

Also note that patients who have been medically cleared have priority over patients who have not yet been cleared.

At FULL Capacity Plan:

    1. Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) will notify hospital Emergency Department that SV is at capacity.
    2. Hospital ED will notify CSU that a 5150 is in their ED.
    3. CSU will activate Mobile Response Team and inform hospital ED of licensed clinician’s proposed ETA.
    4. Clinician will evaluate patient on 5150 and offer recommendations and possible care plan to ED.
    5. Mobile Response Team will provide documentation for patient records.
    6. In extreme situations, CSU MD can make determination for direct admission to SV.

    As soon as Sempervirens is no longer ‘full’ (at capacity and capability), CSU will notify ED and law enforcement.

    *Sempervirens must hold open a couple of their beds and keep them open for 5150 patients brought to them by law enforcement directly from the field (i.e., where the “hold and transfer” by law enforcement does not include stopping for medical clearance first).

    7. CSU will notify law enforcement dispatch that SV is at capacity and will be requesting that 5150’s be taken to the hospital ED for medical clearance.

Mobile Response Team Program


The Humboldt County Mobile Response Team (MRT) program sends out responders once notification is received from an Emergency Department that they want to send someone over to Humboldt County Behavioral Health on a 5150 hold. Both the crisis worker and on-call Administrator can be contacted through the County’s Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)707-496-4094 and/or by Faxing patient packet to CSU 707-476-4066

  • HOURS:

Behavioral Health sends out responders for ADULTS during the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, M-F.

Behavioral Health has a crisis worker available for response to MINORS 10-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

There are currently (1) FT Adult clinician & (2) FT Children’s clinician available. This program is limited by clinician’s availability.

Currently Humboldt County Behavioral Health’s goal is to try to see all minors on holds in the Same Day Services department.  

If a minor comes in after hours, if they are aggressive, too unstable, or if it doesn’t work logistically to see them in Same Day Services the minor will still go upstairs to CSU or SV upon arrival.

When seen in Same Day Services, if the minor meets the proper criteria, the minor can have his or her hold rescinded by one of the Humboldt County Behavioral Health Mobile Response clinicians, who have been trained specifically on rescinding 5150 and 5585 Holds.

(working on a new draft plan for minors TBA)

Humboldt County Mobile Response Team is partnering with APS on calls in which ER notifies Behavioral Health that they have an individual in their ER that requires evaluation for 5150 or may also require APS placement. (For example Individual > 65 years old with an abrupt change in behavior or cognition, frail elderly or someone with mental retardation, intellectual or other cognitive disabilities brought in for 5150 assessment)