Information Sharing

There is no legal barrier for health professionals to share information with each other for treatment purposes in an emergency situation.

Health and Safety Code 1317.1(2)(A):“Emergency services and care” also means an additional screening, examination, and evaluation by a physician, or other personnel to the extent permitted by applicable law and within the scope of their licensure and clinical privileges, to determine if a psychiatric emergency medical condition exists, and the care and treatment necessary to relieve or eliminate the psychiatric emergency medical condition, within the capability of the facility.

WIC 5008 (m):  “Emergency” means a situation in which action to impose treatment over the person’s objection is immediately necessary for the preservation of life or the prevention of serious bodily harm to the patient or others, and it is impracticable to first gain consent. It is not necessary for harm to take place, or for it to become unavoidable prior to treatment.