Humboldt County

Humboldt’s Training, Education & Supervision (TES) Unit –Includes:

  • Crisis Intervention Team–CIT Training 

The initial sessions provide in-depth coverage of the types, severity, symptoms and signs of chronic mental illnesses; and the medications used to control these illnesses and their some-time devastating side-effects. Participants will learn about community resources, understand criminal and civil laws as they pertain to people who suffer from mental illnesses and develop interactive skills for dealing with suicide and crisis intervention.

Next CIT Course: Contact: or call 707-441-5520

5150 Training will be provided by Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services – Behavioral Health. 

· Training will be focused on writing a 5150 and discontinuing a 5150. · Training will be provided in varying formats (other than in person) for the use of community designated physicians. Any questions regarding 5150 Training may be directed to Humboldt County DHSS Behavioral Health at 707-268-2990.

  • Critical Incidents:

(SET)= Support & Education Team. There are a number of people from various County agencies that have been trained to respond to requests for support after a traumatic incident occurs. When a SET response is put together, typically two Behavioral Health responders go out to the community to meet with the people affected by the event. The basics of a SET intervention are to provide support and community referrals for those needing more engagement with care.

A SET response can be initiated by contacting Behavioral Health Administration at: (707) 268-2990.