Personal Possessions
Lake County


The individual is the hospital’s patient –not Lake County Behavioral Health– so the hospital handles all the possessions.

Items that could pose a danger to the individual during transfer like shoelaces, belts, etc. are removed for safety. The receiving facility may limit access to items which are deemed unsafe or a safety risk. 

All Behavioral Health clients may be put in gowns at time of admission to the Emergency Room and remain in gowns until received at the designated Psychiatric Health Facility, designated Acute Psychiatric Hospital, or inpatient psychiatric unit in a General Acute Care Hospital at the discretion of the treating hospital and their policies.

Individuals are allowed to bring their possessions. Lake County Behavioral Health prefers individuals limit possessions to essential belongings when possible.

Any personal items removed from the individual should be handed to ambulance personnel for transfer along with the individual. The designated transport team is responsible for the transfer of all client personal belongings they had in their possession during time of admission.